Sunday, January 1, 2012

Discount Silk + Spot UV Business Cards

A lot of online printing companies are having New Year sales for discounted business cards, postcards, brochures, etc. There's a printing and marketing company in Los Angeles that is having a New Years sale on their premium business cards.

We're not talking about the cheap 12pt business cards that some big online companies use. We're talking about high quality business cards. They're not matte coating, they are silk laminated business cards with spot uv. Silk + spot uv business cards are the most affordable high quality business cards on the market, and this Los Angeles printing company is offering 200 Silk + Spot UV business cards for just $75!

These discount business cards will not last forever. The sale is only 48 hours and ends January 3rd at 12am PST. So hurry and order your silk + spot uv business cards while they're a bit more affordable for the new year.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Affordable Spot UV Business Card Printing with Silk Lamination

Silk Lamination is a premium coating in printing that's normally pricey. It's understandable that a lot of start up businesses need to cut costs by minimizing their expenses - so they go with what they can afford. But most of the time; what they can afford, and what is best for their company is not always the same thing. I bet you're a smart entrepreneur that knows well enough the kind of benefits a premium full color high quality business card would bring your business. Graphic designers, design firms, ad agencies, and creative individuals should definitely take advantage of these

Well, we found a great printing discount for you from a silk laminated business card printer in Los Angeles. Starting at just $49, you can have your very own set of affordable silk laminated business cards to impress your customers! These cheap silk laminated business card prices won't last long, so go ahead and order yours while you can. Graphic designers, design firms, ad agencies, and creative individuals should definitely take advantage of these low cost silk laminated business cards as well.

Talk about high quality full color silk laminated business card printing at a great discount! It's going to be hard to find these kind of prices for this quality of premium silk laminated business cards again. Not to mention their silk laminated business cards with spot uv is extremely affordable as well! You will love these silky business cards and be proud of handing them out to your friends, family, and clients.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Spot UV or Spot Varnish or Spot Gloss

Some people still don't get what spot uv is exactly, so I'll try to explain as simple as I can. First of all, you need to understand that Spot UV, Spot Varnish, and Spot Gloss are all the same, they just have different names. The most common way to refer to it is Spot UV.

Let's start with the basic and most common finishes. There's UV Both Sides, which is a high gloss coating that is applied to the paper stock after it's been printed. For example, if you had 14pt UV Coated business cards, then the finish of the business card would be glossy.

Now that we've got UV Gloss down, let's move on to Silk Lamination Both Sides. Silk Lamination is a thin polypropylene laminate that is applied to the paper stock after it's been printed. Unlike a UV coating, silk lamination is not a water-based liquid. Silk lamination is applied throughout the whole print piece. For example, if you had a Silk Laminated business card, then the entire surface area of the silk business card would be covered in the lamination. There is no such thing as spot silk lamination. The silk satin finish is looks like a matte coating, but feels super smooth and pleasant to the touch.

OK, so we covered UV Coatings and Silk Lamination, now what do you think Spot UV is? Well, if UV Coatings are glossy coatings that run throughout the surface of the card, and silk lamination is a premium dull matte-like finish that runs throughout the card, then Spot UV must be...? It's exactly how it sounds - Spot UV printing only applies the UV Glossy Coating to a selected spot on a printed piece. Often times spot uv is applied on top of a matte coating or a silk lamination finish. Silk + Spot UV business cards really make an impression because you have a contrast in appearance and in texture. You get the smoothness of the silk lamination, along with the glossy feel of the UV coating. Silk + Spot Varnish business cards are a great way to stand out in your industry. There are affordable Silk + Spot UV business cards available from online printing companies.